Is this Empowerment?

Today is International Women’s Day. It is a day set aside to celebrate the impact of all women across the world, in the many fields in which we thrive and excel. It is a day to celebrate progress, and to highlight where more is needed. I consider myself very lucky to live in the time … Continue reading Is this Empowerment?

6 would be…

I’m glad I didn’t know, 6 years ago today, in the midst of indescribable pain, that 6 years on would still ache so much. I’m glad a part of me bought into the old tropes, that time would heal all wounds, that I would find the old me again, amidst the shattered remnants. On your … Continue reading 6 would be…

Oileánn na Márbh

I grew up 15 minutes away from beautiful Carrickfinn Beach in Donegal. For me, it meant a glorious stretch of fine golden sand, sparkling clear water, and an approach through whispering grass. In time it has become home to Donegal Airport and voted by National Geographic as the second most scenic landing strip anywhere in … Continue reading Oileánn na Márbh

We had a plan.

We had a plan. When a blastocyst embryo turned into a positive test which turned into a heartbeat on screen, and finally to a living, breathing Flynn in our arms we felt, at last, on the right side of the odds. IVF didn’t work for everyone, or even for most, but, as our beautiful boy … Continue reading We had a plan.